Switch on the Siemens MC45-Module by pressing Fn+F9

Use /dev/ttyS0 as modem device.

The necessary Init-String for entering the PIN-Code is eg

If you dial up to your provider via CDMA use these commands:


If you use GPRS:


(the last two commands are provider-dependent)

If you want to use the flybook as a mobile phone:

The ';' at the end makes it a voice call, so the modem doesn't wait for a carrier and thus doesn't run into a timeout.

Via /dev/mixer1 you can adjust the volume (channels master, PhoneIn, PhoneOut).

To select the audio hardware (it's the default, just in case you change it...):

To activate CLIP for incoming calls:
Then the Calling party's number is displayed between the RINGs.

All AT-commands for the MC45 (on the Siemens Website)


I didn't yet have the possibility to test this, since I have no POTS-line, but so far everything compiles and loads well.

Download the driver from

Untar the archive, change into the new directory and run
make; make drivers; make install.

Using apt-get install sl-modem-daemon in Debian didn't work because the hardware could not be detected.

load the module slamr
# modprobe slamr

Choose your country from
# slmodemd --countrylist

Run the modem daemon
# slmodemd --country=AUSTRIA

Then use the device /dev/ttySL0 as your modem device.

If you are successful with this driver please send me an e-mail.

Old Text, not working

Download the automatic installer from Linuxant. Run it as root, let it detect the modem and download the appropriate drivers.

Update: Here this doesn't work. The installer aborts with this error message:

hsfmc97ali: serial driver grabbed our device (00:03.0), reclaiming it..
HSF: ERROR: SILICON Laboratories or LUCENT AC97 modem detected!<3>
HSF: ERROR: This driver only supports CONEXANT devices<3>
HSF: ERROR: not a Conexant modem<3>
cnxthsf_cnxt_serial_add: ComCtrlOpen failed (1)

So I will go on looking for a working driver (though I probably will never need the POTS modem).